Transformers Victory: Greatshot (Figure Only)

Greatshot is a retool of Sixshot with several completely new parts, including his shoulders, chestplate and both his robot and animal-mode heads. Like Sixshot, he has six different modes: a robot, a tank, a spaceship, a gun, an off-road vehicle, and a winged rhinoceros (retooled from Sixshot's wolf mode). Each of these modes has their own functionality, including things like a trigger (that is, a little plastic panel that springs back after you pull on it) for his gun mode. His two guns, retooled to have slightly longer handles than Sixshot's, fit into different holes in every mode.


Released in 1989, Greatshot is from the Japanese Victory portion of the Generation 1 Continuity. One of the hardest Japanese exclusive figures from the time, Greatshot is a repaint, and remold, of the Sixishot mold. The figure is in good shape, it could use a bit of cleaning, but overall not bad. There is a bit of chrome-wear on one of the wheels, and a bit of discoloration on the wings (see pics), but overall this figure will still display extremely well in any collection. This is for the figure only, and does not include his two guns unfortunately.

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Price: SOLD

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