Transformers Victory: Liokaiser

Released only in Japan, Liokaiser is a unique and highly sought-after combiner. Unlike most other combiners at its time of release, Liokaiser has almost no "combiner kibble", his feet and hands being built into the component robots. Only his combined-mode head is a separate accessory; even his hand-weapon is assembled from Killbison and Jallguar's extra weapons. However, in this form, the individuals' breastplate-animal partners cannot be stored and must be put aside.


Released in 1989, these figures were only available in Japan, and were never made available in the U.S. Market. Liokaiser is the combined form of Leozack, Drillhorn, Guyhawk, Hellbat, Jallguar, and Killbison.

The figure is in great shape with nothing broken. Includes all weapons, accessories, and all six Breastmasters. There are no GPS issues with Killbison, and will be packed very securely to ensure that he arrives to you safely. The only issue with this figure is that the pink Breastmaster is missing one wing. However this figure will still display great, and be a terrific centerpiece in anyone's collection.

Price: SOLD

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