Transformers: Zauru/Saur (Vintage Figure/KO Box)

Saur is a mini-cassette that transforms into what appears to be a dark blue (nearly black) Apatosaurus. He has a good range of articulation with several points of movement at the neck and tail, as well as hip joints. Two silver "Cannon Guns" plug into the faux cassette tape holes near his hind legs.

Saur combines with Dile to form the legs of Legout. His cannons become hip-mounted weapons in this form.


Released in 1987 the Dino Cassettes are probably the hardest to find Generation 1 figures. They were exclusive to Japan, and virtually unknown in the U.S. until the the after the early days of the internet.

Zauru is a vintage figure, and comes with one vintage weapon. The figure is a bit rough, but will still display well. The box, tray, and paperwork are from the more recent knock off, and have been included just to add a bit of displayablility to the figure.

The figure is not perfect and is not priced as such; complete in the box these figures easily fetch +$700 when they do pop up. Don't miss your chance to own one of the rarest vintage Transformers there is at a greatly discounted price.


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