Transformers Grandus

Released in 1991 by Takara, as part of the Return of Convoy portion of the Generation 1 continuity, this figure is one of the most sought after figures in in G1 line. The figure is in great shape, and comes with the box, instructions, and unapplied sticker sheet. The bo has one small rip on one of the flaps (see pics), and the teck specks/points ar uncut. The body is “bone white”, however there is a slight yellowing on the helipad and on the large…

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Transformers Black Zarak (Complete)

Released in 1988 by Takara as part of the Super God Masterforce portion of the Generation 1 continuity, this figure is 100% complete; not box or paperwork though. There is no GPS (Gold Plastic Syndrome) on any of the major parts, however there are a couple of issues that should be pointed out. The “toe” on one of the scorpion legs is broken, there is a chip on one of the “vents” on his waist, a gold plug is missing from the tail (does not…

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Transformers Japanese Boxed Trypticon

This the Japanese release of the Generation 1 Trypticon figure. The figure is complete, and in great shape… The box however is not. As you can see the box has been ripped and repared in more than one spot. The foam tray has also seen better days. The Walking mechanism has been tested and works. The chrome is in good shape, and the tabs on the tail are un-broken. Th only price referance I have for this figure is a completed eBay listing that sold…

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EZ Starscream (Kero Kero Ace Edition)

This green and yellow redeco of Movie Legends Class Starscream was available with the December 2011 edition of Kerokero Ace magazine, in which the “Keroro Gunsō × Transformers” comic was published. Though identified as “Starscream Keroro Ver.” on the box, which makes it sound like the toy is of Starscream himself, the figure is called “Keroroscream” in various places in the magazine itself, reflecting the events of the comic strip, in which it’s a transformed Keroro. Box has a small rip in it (see pics),…

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Machine Robo Devil Satan 6

Released by Bandai in Japan, this is the original version of Monsterous from the GoBots line. Monsterous was licensed by Mattel from Bandai for use in the Go-Bots toy line, and was given a new name and new colors for the U.S. Market; this version was only available in Asian markets, and was never released in the United States. The team consists of Gillhead, Barabat, Death Claw, Groguillon, Eyegos, and Blugoda; all in their original (Pre-GoBots) colors. The figures are in great shape. The box…

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