Transformers Reissue Brawn (Black Chase)

Released in Japan in 2003, this uses the same mold as the “Keychain” reissues that were available here in the United States. In Japan they were blind packed, and each had an all black chase variant. This is the black version of Brawn, and is extremely rare (especially here in The States). The figure is missing the keychain part but the figure is completely fine. Price: SOLD

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Transformers Collectors Club Ramjet (2016)

I got this in the mail today, I wasn’t expecting it, and wasn’t too sure what the Club Exclusive figure was this year so I opened it to see what it was; the figure was never even removed from the foam tray. There is a small spot where the box lid rubbed against the figure, but given how TFCC packaged them you’ll be hard pressed to find one that isn’t like that. Price: SOLD

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