Transformers Victory: Landcross Reissue

Released in 2003, this is a reissue of the original Landcross figures from the Victory portion of the Generation 1 continuity. All six figures are complete and in good shape. Waver (the boat/hip) can be a bit fidgety in the combined mode, but that has been the case with every version of this figure I’ve owned, it’s more of an engineering thing than wear & tear on the figure. Each of these figures can combine with each other to form 3 small combiners, or one…

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Transformers eHobby Gold Chrome Jazz/Meister MISB

Released in 2002 this figure utilizes the Generation 1 Jazz/Meister mold but done completely in gold chrome. The figure was available exclusively in Japan though the eHobby store. The figure comes sealed in the box, never opened, with the tape still in tacked. There is a small ding in the corner of the box from storage (see pics), but the figure is still completely fine. Price: SOLD

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