Brave Express Might Gaine: Hiryu & Hayabusa (Complete)

While there wasn't much going on in the world of Transformers in 1994, Takara was pushing ahead making toys based on the varied Brave anime series. The enemy of the Brave Express Might Gaine series was a character called Hiryu and he just happened to a recolored Sonic Bomber from Transformers Zone!

-Random Toy Reviews

After the end of the Transformers Generation 1 line in Japan, Takara used a few of its Transformers molds in other toy lines. Hiryu & Hayabuse are repaints of the Sonic Bomber & his MicroMaster Sonic from the Transformers: Victory toy line. The figure comes complete with his weapon and Micromaster, and is in good shape. There is a bit of sticker-wear on the figure, but nothing that would detract from its displayability.

While Sonic Bomber is considered to be a "Holy Grail" figure among Transformers collectors, Hiryu is incredibly harder to come by, and even more so to find complete. Don't miss your chance to own this exceptionally rare figure at a great price, he's sure to be an eye catcher in any collection.

Please note Sonic Bomber (white figure) is shown for comparison only and is not included.

Price: $185.00

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