Incoming Items

International toy hunting can be time-consuming. Finding good deals on items in other countries, so that we can offer the best prices to you, can often take weeks. International shipping can take quite some time, and even after acquiring items for the Boutique the items have to arrive at a warehouse in Japan, where they wait until there is enough to combine into a single shipment to make the most of international shipping prices.

For me, I do this as part of my hobby. I love "The Hunt", and enjoy the feeling of helping others out. Considering some of these items can be a bit on the pricey side, and given how fast things move once they arrive, I thought I should find a way to communicate which items are going to be arriving soon. This is a list of items that will be arriving with our next shipment. Once they arrive they will be removed from this list, and moved to the sales section. I generally don't price things until they actually arrive so that I can take the time to give them proper going over, and make sure that they are actually in the condition that they were expected to be in (this can often be an issue when neither party shares a common first language; miscommunications happen). However if you see something on the list that you are interested in, and want to get a rough idea of how much it will cost, feel free to contact me for a rough price range; these prices will not be set in stone, and can change depending on the condition of the item upon inspection.

NOTE: I am a collector just like you, and even though I may purchase an item with the intention of selling it, I have to be honest; sometimes I simply decide to keep an item for my personal collection.

  • Beast Wars Dark Egg Leo (Sealed) (MC-15 Repaint)
  • Beast Wars Dark Egg Bot (Sealed) (MC-14 Repaint)
  • Beast Wars Egg Bot (Sealed) (MC-14 Repaint)
  • Bookstyle Reissue Soundblaster (Boxed/Complete)
  • Animated EZ Sunstorm
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