Machine Robo: Land Commander 5 (Complete/Boxed) (Unreleased Gobots Nemisis)

A new mold by Bandai. Robot turns into a tank and four powersuits.
This toy was to be recolored into GoBots Nemesis.


Nemisis is the newest Evil Renegade Power Suit Combiner. But this GoBot toy remains a mystery. I have never seen or heard of one of these being found. The photo you see comes from the 1986 GoBot catalog insert found in later boxed GoBots of that year.

Nemisis transforms into a tank instead of a jet like Grungy or Courageous. A Machine Robo version was produced which was in blue and grey and has a head appear when you push back the cockpit. What is interesting about this Nemisis pictured is that it has it's head hidden in the cockpit. This Nemisis might be a recolor of the original, or possibly a new and cheaper version with the head change. The Machine Robo Nemisis also has different colored power suits. There are also more weapons and they are unique to him.

It is still possible that Nemisis was produced. Toys exist that were produced that are so rare that a photo cannot even be found in magazines or the internet.

-Toy Archive

Just like the Transformers, GoBots also originated from another toy line before being imported to the U.S. under their more familiar banner. GoBots originated under the Machine Robo brand in Japan, and then were rebranded by Tonka as the GoBots for the Western Market. Land Commander 5 was intended to be released as Nemisis under the GoBots line, and was even featured in some of their advertising, but for one reason or another it was never released in the U.S. Market.

What we have here is a complete Land Commander Box Set. The figures are in great shape, complete with all accessories (2 missiles are not attached to the sprue, but are included). The box and foam tray are in great shape, and will display very will if you decide to do so. Also included is the little booklet that came with it, another easily lost item. This figure is from my personal collection, and was only removed from the box for display, until it was placed back in the box for this listing.


These figures don't pop up often, and the only price reference I could find for this guy was a completed eBay listing for $450.00 (shipped) for an incomplete figure.

eBay: Bandai Machine Robo Gobots Land Command Japan exclusive MIB Rare

That being said, I don't think my asking price is too far out of line, but as always; I'm open to offers.

Price: SOLD

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