Microman: AvP Alien Queen

The figure is scale down to standard Microman Micro Force size and not to the Alien Warrior. The Queen figure, like that of Micro Alien Warrior, has nice detail and ample of articulation points including movable chest arms and double jointed leg sections.


These figures are super articulated, and compliment other 3.75" scale figures such as G.I. Joe & Marvel Universe perfectly. You can see the basic body structure of the Microman AvP figures in a gallery on the Plastique Freak blog located HERE.

The figure comes factory sealed on the card, and as such I cannot take responsibility for the condition of the figure once opened. As much as I like to ensure that everything that gets sold on this site is described as accurately as possible I cannot ignore the fact that "sealed" figures hold a bit more value than opened ones, and in the case of factory sealed figures I choose to leave them sealed so as not to effect their value: as such this figure is being sold "AS IS".

Price: SOLD

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