Microman: Micro Robots Godon, Flash, & Galac (Boxed)

Takara released New Microman Micro Robot series in April of 1981. The line was design as Microman version of die-cast robot toys that were popular in the late 1970's. Each Micro Robot 1-2-3 was retail for 550 Yen which was slightly more expensive than Microman figure (which were retail at 480 Yen). These small robots (about 3" tall) would augment the New Microman figure series with Takara hoping that the new robot series would help inject new interest into the aging Microman series. Little that they know at the time, that these Micro Robot would become the forerunner of the Transformers series. Micro Robot 1-2-3 consisted of three figures M1 Gordon, M2 Galac and M3 Flash. Each figure, like many toys in New Microman line, have three variant colors - red, blue and green. Takara initially designated Micro Robot with "M" prefix but this would later get change to "R" designation. (Note: the toys are, however, imprinted with "MR" designation.)

-Microman Forever

Released in 1981 by Takara under the New Microman line, these figures are well over 35 years old. These figures come in a variety of colors, this is a complete color matched set (very hard to find). The figures come with their weapons, and boxes. The figures are in good shape, the boxes do show some signs of wear from age/storage, but they will still display well either loose or boxed. Don't miss your chance to own these hard to find figures at a great price.

Price: SOLD

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