Microman: Rocket Base (Black G1 Countdown Repaint)

Takara released L-26 Micro Rocket Base on October 29th, 2000 as part of the new Shining Tector series. Micro Rocket Base vehicle/playset is a repaint of old Transformers toy Autobot Rocket Base named Countdown. Transformer Countdown was released back in 1989 during Micromaster series as a play-set for the small Transformers figures which were the main theme of the line at the time. These small Transformers were the same concept as the earlier Mini-Car. Rocket Base was a mobile rocket launch pad that can transform into a base. On the original toy, the vehicle was blue and the rocket was in white, Microman version the vehicle is now black with silver rocket. The booster section of the rocket however is now in smoke clear plastic which look very nice. Takara also included a very nice full-size sheet of gold color stickers to decorate the vehicle and playset. The toy also came with a mini-size comic book which also double as a catalog.

-Micro Forever

After the end of the Transformers Generation 1 line Takara used a few of it's Transformers molds in other toy lines. In 2000 they used the G1 Countdown/Rocket Base mold in the Microman LED Powers Series, but recolored into a primarily black and gold color scheme. The figure is identical to the original with the exception that the small Micromaster figure was replaced with an exclusive translucent green version of the Microman Edison figure.

The figure comes complete (see picture of the parts list on the instructions) with instructions and partially used sticker sheet. The box shows some signs of wear from storage/age, but will still display well.

For more pictures of how this figure looks compared to the original Generation 1 Countdown/Rocket Base you can see our write-up on it in our blog located here:

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