Transformers eHobby: Guardian Robot (Boxed)

A Collector's Edition e-HOBBY exclusive, this toy is a redeco of the Generation 1 Omega Supreme toy. Using the same tooling as the Transformers Encore reissue Omega, this toy features the same retooled head.

The Guardian transforms into three individual components simultaneously: a large rocket base, a rocket and a tank. The Guardian robot involves next to no actual manipulation of the parts, "transforming" instead by being disassembled into its component pieces, which are then put back together in a different configuration.


Released in 2008, the Guardian Robot is a repaint of the Generation 1 Omega Supreme figure made to resemble the "Guardian Robots" from one of the original Transformers cartoon episodes.

This figure is from my personal collection, and is in great shape. I was the second owner, but the first one to cut the tape on the box (purchased from another collector MISB). I have never put batteries in it to test the electronics, it was taken out of the box and displayed in my cabinet in robot mode until I boxed it back up for this listing. The box is in great shape, with the exception of a "puncture/rip" in the backside; the box was purchased that way. The stickers are unapplied, and still sealed in the plastic bag with the instructions (tape still intact).

Great figure, great price... don't miss out.

Price: SOLD

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