Transformers Encore: Anime Devastator (Complete/Boxed)

Initially solicited as a "yellow version", this second Encore release of Devastator instead proved to be a redeco and retool based upon the character's appearance in the original Generation 1 cartoon. All six figures feature assorted different paint details such as painted red optics, most notably a brighter, more yellowish-green plastic color, painted torso (for Gren and Mixmaster), and a purple mixing drum for Mixmaster; Devastor now comes with black forearms, and most significantly, a new headsculpt based on the cartoon's visored look. His package art is modified to reflect these changes, and an additional window is added to the box to showcase his new noggin in-package.


Originlly released in 2013 this version of Devastator is based on his G1 Animation model. He comes with a more accurate color scheme, and a new head to more closely match his appearance in the cartoon. The figure is in great shape, complete with all accessoreis, as well as paperwork, and unapplied sticker sheet. The box does show a bit of wear from age/storage but will still display well.

Price: SOLD

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