Transformers: Japanese Headmasters (Knock Off)

Release in 2007 this is a high quality reproduction set of the the elusive Japanese exclusive Headmasters set. The set originally included 10 reproductions of some of the hardest to find headmasters there are. Included in this set are Lione, Kirk, Loafer, Rodney, Shuffler, Zarak (Scorponok head), and Spike (Fort Max head); Black Zarak, and Spike (Grand Max head) are NOT included.

This set is from my personal collection, and has only been displayed since their purchase. I recently acquired the official versions of the Japanese Headmasters, so it's time to pass these along to someone else to enjoy. All joints are tight, and no broken parts. These are high quality reproductions of the originals, and are virtually identical to the real ones. The biggest difference between these and the real set is that they are missing the official "Takara" trademark stamp.

Price: SOLD

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