Transformers Lucky Draw: Black Tracks (Sealed)

A redeco of the original Tracks, Black Tracks was offered as part of a contest connected to the release of the Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: The Comics manga compilation. 300 Black Tracks figures were awarded through this contest.

The figure was apparently inspired by a black redeco of the Diaclone Corvette Stingray mold that was available in limited numbers from the R-Kioski store chain in Finland. Only a few original examples have been found.

This toy was repurposed as an evil clone of Tracks and later inspired the new Masterpiece character Loudpedal.


Limited to just 300 pieces worldwide, this figure comes complete, and still sealed in the box. Black tracks was inspired by the extremely rare black Diaclone version of Tracks, and was only available in the Japanese market through a special lottery style give away. The box is in great shape, and as you can see the tape is still intact on both ends of the box. Please note that the last photo is a stock photo taken from TFWiki to show what the figure actually looks like because the box is still sealed and does not have any windows on it to view the toy.

The only price comparison I could find for this item was this eBay listing: Lucky Draw Black Tracks.

Don't miss your chance to own this super rare figure at a great price, perfect to open, display sealed, or even have graded/AFA'd.

Price: $1,300.00

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