Transformers: Omega Supreme (Boxed)

Omega Supreme transforms into three individual components simultaneously: a large rocket base, a rocket and a tank. Omega Supreme's "transformation" involves very little manipulation of his moving parts, in fact, the only part that transforms is his main body/tank. Instead, it is achieved by disassembling him into his component pieces, which are then put back together in a different configuration. The tank forms his main body, the rocket forms his forearms, the track makes up most of his legs, while the gantry forms his feet and backpack, with extra track parts forming wings. The torso features a battery-operated motor which propels the tank around the track as its turret spins and flashes with orange light, or allows Omega to walk (very slowly) forward in robot mode. This motor is extremely susceptible to failure.

Omega Supreme was one of several toys licensed by Hasbro from a company other than Takara. In this case, and in common with Sky Lynx, Omega Supreme was licensed by a company called Toybox. As a consequence, Omega Supreme was never released in Japan under the Transformers brand during the original 1980s run.


Relesed in 1985 Omega Supreme is probably one of the most iconic "big bots" from the original Generation 1 Continuity, and can transform from a large rocket base to a rather large and imposing robot.

This figure is from my personal collection, and has be kept in robot mode almost entirely since I purchased him. The figure is complete with all accessories. The box is in fair condition, there is a bit of tearing along the one edge, but will still display very well. The foam tray is also in good shape, but does have a few knicks from age/storage. Also included is the original instruction sheet.

Great figure at a great price, don't miss your chance to own this vintage figure at great price.

Price: SOLD

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