Transformers: Ramjet (Complete)

The original Ramjet toy was a retool of the Diaclone "Jet Robo Acrobat-Type" F-15 Eagle that was used for Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp, with new wings that seem to be inspired by the prototype F-16XL, and new "Cluster Bombs". He is otherwise identical to the other Decepticon jets aside from color. Ramjet's robot mode stickers are the same design as Starscream's, but in different colors.

In robot mode his official instructions have the user pulling down his nose cone to complete his head transformation, like Starscream. However, Ramjet's character model depicts him as having his head untransformed, leaving a distinctive "conehead" shape to his appearance. This trait is shared by Thrust and Dirge, leading many owners to do the same thing to differentiate the three later Decepticon jets from the three earlier ones.


Released in 1985 Ramjet is from the second wave of "Seekers" release who are most commonly referred to as the "Coneheads". This is a vintage figure, and comes complete with all accessories.

Price: SOLD

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