Transformers Return of Convoy: Sky Garry (Complete/Boxed)

Sky Garry transforms into a Cybertronic starship with landing skids. His middle section is expandable, allowing him to carry up to three Micro Trailers, though he only comes with one. His trailer is labeled #0. His third mode is a Micromaster base, unique in that it is a large tower. In this mode Sky Garry is supposed to unite with up to two Micro Trailers via the small hole bottom center on each side, more oddly the only toy to use these holes, but for unknown reasons the 5mm peg was beveled to uselessness. He still combines via ramp to a third Microtrailer, or with Sonic Bomber, or with any other Micromaster base. The ramp was the same one used by Skyhopper and Groundshaker to connect to other bases.


Released in 1991 as part of the Return of Convoy Generation 1 sub-line, Sky Garry is able to combine with Grandus and Star Convoy in vehicle-mode by sitting on top of Grandus while Star Convoy pulls them.

The figure is complete with no yellowing, and even includes his exclusive MicroMaster Shotbomber. The box does show some signs of wear due to age/storage, but will still display  very well; there is a wrinkle in the window where it has started to come unglued, and the points on the box are uncut. The instructions and paperwork have been lost to time, and there is some black permanent marker on the foam tray (see pics). This figure has become increasingly hard to find, and even more so to find complete. Don't miss your chance to own this rarity at a great price.

Price: SOLD

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