Transformers: Roadbuster (Complete)

Roadbuster transforms into an orange and green cybertronic jeep armed with a large gun. In robot mode he can hold the jeep's gun, and also has another gun resembling a real world M16 rifle, and a shoulder-mounted missile launcher. He also wears a large backpack that has a very tall antenna and two articulated handlebars slung beneath his arms. Oh, and mustn't forget the snap-on armor plating that hides the jeep's tires.

For a toy of his size, Roadbuster has an enormous number of accessories, of which the rangefinder for the jeep's gun may well be the smallest ever produced for any Transformer. Finding a loose complete Roadbuster can be very challenging—are you sure all the spare missiles are there? Better count again!


Release in 1985 Roadbuster is one of the few Generation 1 figures that did not originate from Takara's Diaclone and MicroChange lines. Instead the Roadbuster mold was licensed from Takatoku Toys, and was a repaint of Mugen Calibur from the Dorvack toyline. The figure comes complete with all accessories: 1 small radar, 3 guns, 3 antenna, all 5 missiles still on the tree, and armor.  This figure is almost impossible to find complete, don't miss your chance to own this iconic figure, and add it to your collection.

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