Transformers United: Targetmaster Fracas (Exclusive)

A redeco of Power Core Combiners Chainclaw, Fracas is an exclusive "Targetmaster Micron" available only with the purchase of 3000 yens' worth of United product at Bic Camera and Yodobashi Camera stores in Japan on December 28 of 2010. He transforms into a non-firing multi-missile launcher that can be held by any toy using 5mm weapon-mount points, though he is meant to complement the United release of Scourge.

His instructions only show the hand-held mode, but as he is a Power Core Combiners Mini-Con mold, he can also be converted into a missile launcher meant for vehicle mode use (attached by his Powerlinx socket), plus an "armor" mode that connects to a Power Core Combiners Commander toy's chest or back-mounted Powerlinx plug for use in either of their robot modes.

Figure comes sealed in the bag with instructions.

Price: $45.00 $25.00

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