Transformers Victory: Guyhawk & Hawkbreast

Released only in Japan, Guyhawk transforms into a magenta and white MiG-29 fighter jet. He came packaged with his Breast Animal partner, the Hawkbreast, which transforms from a hawk-like robot to either breastplate armor for Guyhawk, or the hand-held "Hawk Cannon" blaster. Guyhawk combines with his fellow Breastforce warriors (sold separately) to form Liokaiser; he forms the right arm of the super robot.


Guyhawk is a member of the combiner team that forms Liokaiser, and forms the right arm of Liokaiser.

The figure is in great shape but does have a little paint wear on the cockpit, nothing broken, and even comes with his breastmaster partner Hawkbreast.

Price: SOLD

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