Transformers Victory: Jallguar & Jaguarbreast

Jallguar transforms into a black and white Baja-style racing buggy with a rear-mounted (non-firing) missile rack. The missile warheads detach to clip to the sides of his feet in robot mode. Jallguar comes packaged with his Breast Animal partner Jaguarbreast, who can attach to Jallguar's chest as armor or be used as the hand-held "Jaguar Cannon" weapon. Unique among the Breastforce, Jallguar features a secondary chestplate that springs forward when the Jaguarbreast is removed.

Jallguar combines with the other members of the Breastforce, becoming the waist of their merged form, Liokaiser. In this form, Jallguar's missiles combine with Killbison's cannons to form Liokaiser's "Strike Missile Gun".


Jallguar is a member of the combiner team that forms Liokaiser, and becomes the hips/lower torso of Liokaiser when combined.

Figure is in great shape with nothing broken, and even comes with his breastmaster partner Jaguarbreast. There are a couple of stress marks on the legs of the Breastmaster, but nothing that will detract from it's displayability. Don't miss your chance to own this incredible figure at a great price.

Price: $150.00

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