Transformers Victory: Kakuryu Shell Back (Dinoking Part)

A redeco of the Pretender Monster Slog, Kakuryu transforms into a squat pincher monster via a simple process similar to the transformation scheme of both Goryu and Doryu. The largest among the inner robots of the Dinoforce, he unfolds in a comparatively complex fashion to combine with them to form the shoulders and upper torso of Dinoking. His robot form fits inside his soft-plastic shell, an armored Triceratops (albeit one with three horns in a row, unlike the actual dinosaur), which mounts both his smaller "Tricera Gun"—which he wields in robot mode—and his larger "Dino Blaster", Dinoking's weapon. Dinoking's head stores on the rear of the larger weapon.


One of the hardest to complete combiners, Dinoking parts are extremely hard to come by. This is the shell back for Kakuryu (D-324) the Triceratops. The piece does show a bit of wear from age, but will still be great for completing your Dinoking figure.

Price: $45.00

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