Transformers Victory: Killbison

Released only in Japan, Killbison transforms into a gold and white KMW Gepard anti-aircraft tank. He also forms the right leg of the combined robot Liokaiser. He came with his breastplate/gun/animal partner Bisonbreast. His tank-mode guns and turret form part of Liokaiser's gun with Jallguar's missiles. He is known to be prone to Gold Plastic Syndrome.


Killbison is a member of the combiner team that forms Liokaiser, and forms the right leg of the figure when in combined mode.

The figure is is good shape, but does have one small part on the treat that has been repaired with a clear two-part epoxy due to GPS (see pictures, almost unnoticeable in person). Killbison also comes with all three parts to form the tank turret and/or Liokaisers weapon.

Price: SOLD

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