Transformers Victory: Leozack & Lionbreast

Leozack transforms into a white and green Grumman F-14 Tomcat jet fighter. He came packaged with his Breast Animal partner, the Lionbreast, which transforms from a lion-like robot to either chestplate armor for Leozack (and only Leozack), or the handheld "Leo Cannon" blaster. Leozack combines with his fellow Breastforce warriors (sold separately) to form Liokaiser; he forms the torso and head of the super robot.


Leozack is a member of the combiner team that forms Liokaiser, and forms the upper torso of Liokaiser.

The figure is in great shape, and even comes with his breastmaster partner Lionbreast. However as you can see from the picture one of the horizontal tail fins are missing from the figure (easily fixable with a junker), however this can not be seen when combined in the Liokaiser mode.

Price: $150

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