Transformers Victory: Liokaiser

Released only in Japan, Liokaiser is a unique and highly sought-after combiner. Unlike most other combiners at its time of release, Liokaiser has almost no "combiner kibble", his feet and hands being built into the component robots. Only his combined-mode head is a separate accessory; even his hand-weapon is assembled from Killbison and Jallguar's extra weapons. However, in this form, the individuals' breastplate-animal partners cannot be stored and must be put aside.

Though his components were all sold as individuals, they were also available in a single Liokaiser box set.


The figures are in good shape, nothing broken, and will make a great display piece. There is a slight discoloration on the figures, and the nosecone on Drillhorn is a bit banged up, but this will still make a good display piece for someone wanting to add this very hard to find figure to their collection at a fraction of the cost that these normally go for.

Price: SOLD

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