Transformers Victory: Victory Leo (Boxed)

Victory Leo transforms into a black, yellow, and white robotic winged lion. Both modes are dominated by the missile-firing V-Lock Cannon that rises from his back between his wings in alternate mode, or plugs into his hip in robot mode. A flying alternate mode was created for the character by the production staff of the animated series, and the toy is capable of being configured into this form, though it is just a block with wings on.

Victory Leo combines with Star Saber, sold separately, to become Victory Saber.


One of the most sought after Japanese exclusive figures, Victory Leo can combine with Star Saber to form Victory Saber. The figure comes with both smaller guns, large rifle, one missile still on the tree, and UNBROKEN landing gear. The figure does show yellowing on the back (see pics), but nothing that will show when combined with Star Saber. The box shows some wear from age/storage, but is not in bad shape. The figure's not perfect, but it's not priced like it's perfect either. Don't miss your chance to own this figure at a great price!

Price: SOLD

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