Transformers Victory: Yokuryu (Sealed)

A redeco of the Pretender Monster Wildfly, Yokuryu transforms into a gargoyle-like creature. He can also form either arm to the team's combined mode, Dinoking, though his nominal placement is as the giant's right arm. He comes with a soft-plastic armored Pteranodon outer "shell" that he can fit into.


Released in 1989 Yokuryu is one of six memebers of the Dino Force team that forms Dinoking. The figure comes sealed in the box! The box is in good shape with the tape still intact. There is a slight dent in the one corner, but it looks worse in the picture than it does in hand. The flap "stands tall" with no crease, however there is a slight curve to it which could probably be straightened out pretty easily with a bit of patience.

Dinoking, and his team members are among some of the hardest Japanese exclusive figures to find and/or find complete. Don't miss your chance to own this extremely rare figure at a great price.

Price: SOLD

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